Animal Activists

Good Morning, 

This message is for all farmers with livestock, game suppliers, butchery owners and staff.

If you have discovered trespassers on your premises asking to buy livestock to ‘rescue’, found them filming your farm or any other similar incident, please do report to Dorset Police as soon as possible.

There are currently a few individuals who are carrying out these activities and are causing alarm and distress to our farming community.

We need to know what is happening so we can take action and build intelligence on who is doing this.

You can report easily by emailing on or online at Dorset Police website at the  ‘Do It Online’ section here

If there have been threats made to come back or the individuals are believed to be still in the area call 101.

If you are threatened at the time or catch individuals in a criminal act, such as causing damage to locks or fences to gain access or attempting to take any livestock then call 999 immediately.

If safe to do so, please capture vehicle registrations and make a note of the descriptions of those involved. If you have photos or film footage please also ensure this is passed to us to help identify the people involved.
Without your reports, we will not be aware of what is happening, the extent and frequency. This activity may also be linked to recent livestock thefts, hence the urge to please report information to us.

You can report in confidence including requesting to be anonymous or contact Crimestoppers here or call 0800 555 111

Tom Balchin
(Dorset Police, PCSO, Rural Crime Team, Rural Engagement Officer, Dorset)