Asian Hornet Update

Neighbourhood Alert and the Angling Trust have sent us information about another sighting of Asian Hornets. The Asian Hornet preys on honeybees, disrupts the ecological role which bees provide and damages commercial beekeeping activities. It has also altered the biodiversity in regions of France where it is present and can be a health risk to those who have allergies to hornet or wasp stings.

A new nest has been located by the National Bee Unit in New Alresford, Hampshire, following a report from a member of the general public.  The nest was promptly destroyed by the APHA (Animal and Plant Health Agency) Wildlife Team and the NBU is continuing to search for further nests, with support from local beekeepers.

There have also been confirmed cases in Hull and Cornwall.  Two nests have now been destroyed in Cornwall and surveillance in this area continues. No live hornets have been seen in Hull since a single dead Asian Hornet was found in a house, despite extensive surveillance.

The New Alresford response highlights the importance of public awareness of this species and we are encouraging all stakeholders, particularly in the Cornwall and Hampshire regions, to help raise awareness of the need to be vigilant and report this species.

Identification sheets and posters are available online and can be ordered, free-of-charge, from the Non-native Species Secretariat (contact details below).

If an Asian hornet is seen it can be reported via an online form, the Hornet Watch app; or by sending a picture to the alert email address:

If you have any queries please do not hesitate to contact us.

Olaf Booy

Deputy Chief Non-native Species Officer
GB Non-Native Species Secretariat
Animal and Plant Health Agency (APHA)
Sand Hutton
YO41 1LZ

Nevin Hunter
(Angling Trust, Regional Enforcement Officer, South West)