Calling All SLLUGS!

Greetings All

As a condition of our funding for LL we have to try and keep it in good order and prevent it from going back to nature.

I am asking for help on Wednesday 29th August at 10am meeting by the old farm buildings at the top of the slope just past Mill Farm on LL.

There are various tasks required this time:-

  • The installation of new posts and signs at each end of the lane.
  • Clearing and levelling a site for a bench to be installed.
  • Pruning any brambles etc which are growing over the lane.
  • Removing large weeds from the lane surface.
  • Raking level in places to prevent puddles forming.

Even if you can only give an hour of your time please come along.

Let me know if possible telling me which tools you are bringing.

Many thanks
01258 860157