Derek Day

My partner (Rachael Rowe) and I have become familiar sights around Okeford Fitzpaine since moving here ten years ago. As so many residents of the Parish would agree, it is a unique community which we feel delighted and privileged to be part of. It is one we wish to contribute to.

One of my personal interests has been to help to clear and improve the public rights of way in the Parish. I was one of the people heavily involved with the restoration of Little Lane/Mill Lane as a sustainable route for leisure and active traveller access to the North Dorset Trailway. This was a tremendous community effort. Many thanks to all involved. There is still work to be done, so this will continue.

More recently, I became editor of Fippenny News which I changed from a church magazine to a community magazine and web site. This is still evolving and growing – something I would like to continue, though I feel that it is nearing time to hand over the reigns to a new editor to prevent it becoming stale.

Few, including me, can predict exactly what challenges the Parish will face over the next five years, or opportunities it will be presented with. As one of your representatives on the Parish Council I hope to be able to balance the needs of long-term residents with those of the newcomers we may expect to welcome. It is my hope that our strong community can meet whatever we will face and that my voice, as a Parish Councillor, will be one of reason.