Directory – General

SchoolAll enquiries to Shillingstone CE Primary School.01258 860446
Village HallBookingsMrs Barbara Fry01258
SecretaryAudrey Walker01258
Sports PavilionBookingsStephen Corben01258
Okeford United F.C. ChairmanStephen Corben01258 861327
Allan Frampton01258 860083
Fippenny Garden ClubChairJudy Rand01258 268945
Short Mat Bowls ClubMrs Barbara Fry01258 861524
Village Community GroupChairSue
Allotment GroupContact 1Lynn
Plot AvailabilityPlease leave a message on our facebook
Okeford Village StoresProprietorsVince and Sharne01258 722179
Royal OakMicky01258 861561
GP SurgeriesSturminster Newton Medical Centre01258 474500
Whitecliff Group Practice, Blandford Forum01258 452501
Whitecliff Group Practice, Child Okeford01258 860687
The Hill (Child Okeford)
Editor/AdvertisementsKate Partridge01258 863695
Editor/AdvertisementsRichard Muffett01258 860010
Shillingstone MagazineEditor/AdvertisementsDiana Lewis01258
Fippenny NewsEditorDerek Day01258
AdvertisingRachael Rowe01258
DistributionCharley Read01258 628147
Last Updated: 10 Dec 2023