Copy Deadline

20-Apr-19 @ 17:00
3 Castle Lane
Derek Day
01258 861979

Print Edition

The copy deadline for the print edition is the 20th of each month at 17:00. Editing and printing then takes place ready for distribution of the printed magazines on or around the 1st of the following month.

I have some leeway for most months, but have to be strict for the deadline in the short month of February for the March.

Web Site

Copy can be sent at any time and I will endeavour to get your item online as quickly as possible. I will also include it in the next print edition if it is still relevant.

Copy Formats

Copy can be in any format, though LibreOffice, Microsoft and text (email) are preferred. Apple formats are best avoided due to difficulty in conversion to a useable format.

Images can be any format including paper up to A3. Physical copy can be delivered to 3 Castle Lane, Okeford Fitzpaine and will be returned if so desired.

Derek Day
Tel.: 01258 861979