Neil Plummer

My wife Sue and I moved into the parish in 2014 and were quickly made to feel welcome. We absolutely love life here and I would very much enjoy giving something back to the community and parish we live in. I have never sat on a parish council and have no agenda except to do the very best I can using some of my corporate experience gained through my career.

I would very much like to help the parish retain its own identity as much as it can and ensure that inclusion is at the heart of the parish council. I believe that everyone has a voice that should be heard and I hope to be able to represent a wide perspective of the community and hope that you will take part in influencing how the parish council deal with subjects under its remit. I am under no illusion that everyone can be satisfied with outcomes all the time but I do believe it important that decisions are made with the good of the parish at heart and not any individual. Where things are outside of the control of the parish council it is vital that the County Council is held accountable wherever possible and I am very keen to do this where we can.

I very much hope that you will take part by voting and also encourage others to do so as this is your parish and you can influence what goes on in the place you live.