Parish Council Election (May 2019) Result


Parish Council Election – 2nd May 2019


On 4th May 2019 Rachael Rowe and I were honoured to be invited to witness the counting of votes for the Parish Council Election held on Thursday 2nd May 2019.

Frankly, we expected the day to involve a lot of waiting around and trying to stay awake while our Ballot Box worked its way through the system. We were very pleasantly surprised. We were able to witness just a little democracy in action.

The count is done as quickly and efficiently as possible. It’s a well-rehearsed, oft-repeated procedure that is kept as simple as possible to ensure that as few mistakes as possible creep in. Counts are double checked by different clerks and various cross-checking systems as they work their way through the system towards their final destination. Even spoilt ballots are scrutinised at the arbitration desk, witnessed by election candidates, to try to determine the intent of the voter. We can report that the one unclear vote would not have changed the result of the Okeford Fitzpaine election – and there were no destroyed papers.

The final destination is the point at which the result is declared. For Okeford Fitzpaine with 7 vacant seats the result, in ranking order:

Rob Corben

271 votes

Steve Corben

267 votes

Neil Plummer

233 votes

Rachael Rowe

211 votes

Sue Le Riche

194 votes

Dilys Gartside

176 votes

Derek Day

168 votes

The turnout was 43.94%.

Declaration of Result by Matt Prosser, CEO of Dorset Council.

Video with thanks to Councillor Pauline Batstone.

Necessary changes to the Parish Council web site, Facebook pages and Fippenny News directories will be made in due course.

Please join us at the next Parish Council meeting on 14th May at the Sports Pavilion.

Derek Day