Steve Corben

I was fortunate to have been born in the village of Okeford Fitzpaine & attended the village school. I live in Castle Avenue in the house that I was born in. I have been fortunate to have served on the parish Council since being elected in a by-election in 2004.

Apart from the month by month items that come up at the council meetings the one thing I am proud of is the development of the allotment in back lane which I started in 2008 & is now a wonderful site thanks to past & present members.
People ask me why be a parish councillor? My reply is I like to do my bit for the parish which has been a big part of my life.
My hobbies are Okeford Utd football club of which I am the current Chairman, the club has a history of nearly one hundred & twenty years & in that time has included so many families within the Parish, one of my other passions is for old photographs & history of the parish which I feel is important to preserve for future generations.
Of course I hope that you can give your vote to me in the forthcoming election & I thank you in anticipation, if not can I ask that you vote for one of the other candidates who are standing, the most important thing about an election is the right to vote.